Anxiety Disorder

Around one out of ten persons deals with anxiety disorder at some point in their life. However, very few people openly talk about their experiences.

Everybody experiences anxiety in certain situations, for example when we have to give an important presentation at work, when we take school exams or when we go out on a date for the very first time.

Anxiety disorder, however, is something different. It is a an umbrella term for a group of mental illnesses in which anxiety, fear, worries and panic are so overwhelming that they prevent us from functioning normally and enjoying daily life.

Unfortunately, going through mental difficulties is often felt as something to be ashamed of. The believe that we have to keep our difficulties to ourselves prevents us from finding solace through connecting with others, and advice or treatment of healthcare professionals.

Anxiety disorder can be treated in several ways. If you suspect yourself suffering from it, please reach out to your social circle and health care professionals. They will help and support you.

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